Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paper Chain Update: Working on Weeks

We had such a wonderful time earlier this summer, when we created our paper chain as a countdown to see "Grandma." In September, we have another event to attend, and the boys have been eager to create a new chain. So sweet! Hubby had the great idea to create a separate chain for each week, reinforcing the days of the week again. Yes, he's a keeper.

At any rate, we worked on our list of activities to include in the paper chain and put it together. Here's what we ended up with this time. By having smaller chains, it seems to be a bit more manageable and doesn't look like a bad window swag this time. I used the same paper colors (made of unused scrap booking paper) as the last chain, so there would be some familiarity there.

It is my intention to have he length (or lack thereof) be a visual indicator of how much is left in the week. As you can see, the first week (far left) is not tacked at the very top. That is because I started on a Tuesday. Then, the last week (far right) is shorter because it isn't a full week, either.

All of this effort is leading them to be interested in reading and understanding a calendar. I'll keep you updated on how this goes.

How do you like to teach weeks and months to your kids?


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