Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Week of Reflection

I've been doing a lot of reflecting this week... about my life, my family, my choices, and this blog. My "Almost On Purpose" idea continues to morph and adapt. And I think that's what this journey is about. It's my journey of recovering from perfectionism (a state of mind that can really hinder one from doing anything... unless it is perfect) and finding the joy and beauty in everything... even if I think I've made a mistake. It's NOT about living without purpose or direction. My purpose and direction is wholeheartedly driven by the Almighty Creator, my Savior, Jesus Christ. In Him, there is no misdirection. Sometimes, it just takes me a little longer to catch the drift.

He loves us SO much that He's given us free will. One of my husband's favorite "isms" is: It would be easier for God to just make us love Him; but that's not love, that's control. Instead, He loves us SO much that He wants us to choose Him on our own.

In His unending mercy and love for us, He can turn our "mistakes" into joy. I don't deserve it, but that's the point! Just look at the bloodline of Jesus...  a young man who stole from his brother (Jacob), a man who killed another so he could have his wife (David), and an unwed girl to carry the Son of God (Mary). God is big enough to take any of our mistakes and turn them into something AMAZING!

Yes, it's wonderful to make all the right choices, and we do seek the Father's will. At the same time, it is overwhelming to know that He can turn any circumstance into something for His glory.

My attempt at perfectionism only keeps me from enjoying my life and my family. I still give 100-percent in everything I do. However, I am trying to give myself grace because I don't know everything. However, I do know the One that does.

I am reminded that this blog is my journey to find joy in everything, even if I didn't intend to make it happen.


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