Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The bright side of the terrible-two's (or three's)

Screaming fits. Unpredictable moods. No, I'm not talking about a teenager. It's a toddler going through the terrible two's. Keep in mind that it doesn't always happen at two. My first one was a terrible two, and my second was a thrashing three (and I hope we're almost through it).

Now to the title of today's post: How can there be a bright side? Well, let's think about why it is happening. Our children are gaining more control over their bodies and voices. They are testing and trying, and this is a good (no, GREAT) thing. They are exploring the world around them. However, they can't always master everything the first time. They often get frustrated. Sometimes it's hard to see past the grumpy kids, but we are guiding them through these new freedoms  and obstacles in their lives.

I've recently finished reading Dr. Meg Meeker's Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons. To me, it was not the typical parenting book because it didn't talk about discipline techniques. Instead, she just shared the physical and psychological facts about boys and tips on how to help them grow into well-adjusted men. Albeit, I did get lost in some of the medical studies. However, it really made me appreciate my boys.

I grew up with three brothers, and I believe it's no accident that I have been blessed with boys. Going from a sister to a mother does have quite a few differences. With that said, I'm pleasantly reminded of my childhood when I watch my boys fight off the dragons in the backyard with their blazing swords (a few aptly selected twigs). I love watching them carefully inspect a new limb that was knocked out of the tree by the previous night's storm. They circle it, trying to imagine how it fell down and what creatures might be lurking inside. Regus #1 is my tinker-er, my engineer. He's always trying to make a new gadget. This makes him SO much like my middle brother. I'm thankful for this because I love getting tips from him on how to make games for him or ways to challenge him. Regus #2 is my thinker. He'd rather think his way through something. Often, this prevents him from being a little more adventurous, but it's adorable!

I look forward to the next challenges and victories with my boys.


  1. We've had a rough time with 2 but the closer we get to 3 the smoother things are transitioning. I mention to people that 2 is tough and they always respond, 3 is tougher. I really hope they just had a tough 3 yr old and easy 2 yr old. We'll see.

  2. As you and I have said many times before, every child is different. I know it's a big help to at least see some improvement, even if just reassurance that it's just the phase. The terrible 2 was not very verbal and was often frustrated at that point. By 3, he was must more verbal and was happier. The tough 3 yr old has been very verbal since 15 months, so the 2s for him wasn't a big deal. By 3, he's mastered his language and learned how to use it against me. Not sure if that makes any sense. Haha!