Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting a little nervous

So... I've been a little nervous to post for the past few days. In my efforts to be a good blogger, I've been trying to read lots of other successful bloggers. They have tons of great business advice (I'm nowhere near any of that), but it also makes me a bit nervous. Some talk about being careful not to repost other bloggers' ideas. I am always cautious when it comes to intellectual property and plagiarism, so I was feeling a bit shy about posting anything. I don't think I've stolen any ideas and tried to give credit, where credit is due. However, you've probably noticed my over-analytical style can also lead to fear, and that's were I've been this week. I do have about three posts in various levels of editing. Hopefully, some of them will make it past my crazy editing. Haha! At any rate, this is my post to "get out there" again. I wanted to have more than one posting this week.

On a better note, the boys and I have enjoyed the crazy, beautiful weather today. I needed to run some errands near the airport today and decided to make a stop by the airport observation park, and it turned into a wonderful "Almost On Purpose" afternoon. Yes, I am milking my blog title for all it's worth. After all, it says everything about my life.

My oldest son (for the sake of this blog will be called Regus #1) never ceases to amaze me. He has become so outgoing and generous. My husband and I were both shy as kids, so it's so funny to watch him play so effortlessly. At any rate, when we packed up this morning, he asked to pack a few extra sand toys for, as he put it, "...the new friends I'm going to make today." It was so thoughtful of him, and he made me smile. He is learning how to share so well. Plus, I'm guessing that he knows a plethora of Tonka trucks and sand toys would be irresistible to the other 4-and 5-year old boys. Well, he was right! He was like a magnet for all the other little boys. They had a blast digging in the sand, pretending to be pilots (afterall, we were watching airplanes take off and land), and chasing monsters. It was a picture-perfect moment.

Earlier, I struck up a conversation with another Mom of a four year old girl. After some conversation, she went to her car to grab her camera and began pictures of her daughter. Duh, it was a beautiful day. Why didn't I think to bring the camera? Next thing I knew, she was snapping pictures of all the boys running and jumping. She leaned over and said she'd be happy to e-mail the pictures to me. What a blessing!

So my little boy, er, man is teaching me to be more outgoing. You never know who you might meet along the way.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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