Thursday, February 24, 2011

Re-usable bags

Before I get started, just wanted to let everyone know that I finally set up a facebook page for my blog, and I hope you "like" it. Plus, there is a link in the sidebar of this blog to get to the page, too.

On to the bags... I like finding unique uses for bags. My husband can tell you that I have way too many bags. Mind you, they are not purses. I have only a few of those. I'm talking about messenger bags, makeup bags, toiletry bags, overnight bags... you name it, I like it. Well, I'm trying to cut back on this excessiveness and only keeping those bags that can be used for more than one purpose. Sigh. Ok, I'm done with my pitty party. Now, on to the challenge!

Today, I'd like to focus on those clear bedding bags. Many of us have one size or another, whether for the comforter, duvet set, sheet set, or valances. In the past, I've always used them to store other bedding items. Not very inventive, I know.

Over the past few months, I've found several uses for them. The obvious choice is for storing out-of-season or, as in my case, maternity clothes. No, I'm not pregnant; but we are hoping to have more in the future. 

Ok, on to the another use... for a smaller bag, we've started putting all our "learning time" (AKA school) stuff in one bag. That way, we can take the fun stuff wherever we need it. Plus, it prevents us from scattering the school items all over the house. So far, we just store some of the smaller games (alphabet tiles and alphabet bingo), activity books, phonics books, and my lesson planner.

I'm also rediscovering my love of sewing and craft projects. With sewing, comes lots of odds-and-ends fabrics; and I love the remnant bin! I can use the bags to store similar fabrics.

The photo (it's fuzzy, sorry) below shows these three uses: clothing storage (large bag in back), school supplies (smaller bag in front with red trim), and fabric remnants (medium bag in front). Since they are clear, it's easy to see what is inside.

Oh, just had another idea... for the dancer in your family, you can store all the extra tights, leotards, and shoes for safe keeping. Plus, if you have a year-end performance, you can just stick that clear bag into her performance bag. That way, you'll have an emergency bag for the inevitable snagged tights or broken shoes. Been there. Done that!

Do you have these bags at home, too? What do you like to store in them?


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