Monday, October 24, 2011

A Jar of Laughs

I was inspired by a post on Life As Mom to create a memory jar. For us, I am always afraid I'm going to forget them. Well, I decided to name my  jar, "A Jar of Laughs." I've put it on my kitchen counter with a pad of paper and pen. No more excuses!

Our boys keep us laughing, and I just had to share this one. It happened a while ago, but it's definitely going in the jar!

One Saturday afternoon in the Spring, we decided to head out to get some lunch. Unsure of where we wanted to dine, hubby and I asked the boys where they wanted to go. We had NO idea that we would be witnessing something memorable. Keep in mind that Regus 2 was 3, at the time; and Regus 1 was 5. Regus 2 was having a hard time pronouncing his L's, and he used it to his full advantage.

Me: Where do you guys want to go for lunch today?

Regus 2: Chick-a-WAY!! (translation: Chick-fil-A)

Regus 1: (Misunderstanding what his brother said) Chicken LEG??!! No, that's not how you say it. It's Chick-fa-LAY.

Regus 2: (busting out laughing) Haha! Chicken-weg.

Regus 1: (In complete and total seriousness) ˆNO! Chick-fa-LAY.

Regus 2: (In a devious laugh) Hehe... Chick-en? Weg?

Regus 1:! Say it with me: Ch - i - ck - fa - LAY!

Regus 2: Oh, ok... (with a slow smile) chick-en-WEG!

Regus 1: Aghhhhhh! No! Chick-fa-LAY!

Regus 2: (in a singing voice and bouncing in his carseat) Chicken weg! Chicken weg!

Regus 1: STOP SAYING "chicken leg"!

While Regus 1 was saying above, Regus 2 started saying quietly and slowly got louder)

Regus 2: Chick-en-weg. Chick-en-weg. Chick-en-WEG. Chick-en-WEG!

At this point, Hubby and I are doing our best not to laugh hysterically.

This same conversation continued for about 5 minutes until Regus 1 (the older of the two, mind you) was getting way too frustrated and not understanding his brother's taunting. We finally had to step in and ask Regus 2 not to pester his big brother. Ah, the art of pestering, peppered with comedic timing. They learn it so young.

Now, I just have to think of a way to keep my favorite stories. Any ideas on what to do with them after the jar is full?


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