Monday, October 31, 2011

Learning Games: Letter Recognition and Handwriting Prepartion

A few weeks ago, I was honored to start guest posting at the blog The B Keeps Us Honest, created and edited by my longtime friend Jessica. In my first post, I shared how my oldest (Regus 1) was a reluctant writer. I shared our journey and some tips for encouraging handwriting through activities.

Today, I'd like to add to that by sharing another activity to help garner interest in handwriting. Plus, it's a great tool to help in letter recognition. Now, don't be daunted by my uber-fancy craft supplies: construction paper.

I took a large piece of construction paper and wrote large capital letters. As you can see, I had to use both sides. This has turned out to be a blessing! The boys love this activity so much that they can only wait until the other has done one side before begging to jump in the game. It's been loved well, so don't mind the dings and rough edges.

I used the same strips of paper (straight lines and various sized curves), as I mentioned in my guest post. The cool thing is that each strip of paper represents a stroke of the pencil!

Today, I have Darth Vader (Regus 2, the 4 yr old) demonstrating for you. Plus, you may see his older brother (aka Optimus Prime) overseeing the work. At some point, it looks like the letter "A" got smudged. It didn't seem to hold them back.

It is such a privilege to teach my children and see them having fun while learning!


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