Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Questions. Oh, the Questions!

My Regus 1 just turned 6 last month, and we officially started K-5 in September. Yes, he missed the cut-off date for starting K-5 last year. I was the same way (September baby), and my Mom said she was thankful for it. I was not really ready for school until almost 6. When I started, I loved it, and I still love learning. Until now, we've been doing preschool and some mildy-structured "learning time," which he has enjoyed. However, it wasn't until the past few months that I've seen a BIG increase in his curiosity.

These are the BIG life questions:

"When are you having a baby, Mommy?" (I'm not pregnant, but he's ready for another brother but not a sister. Yes, he has very clear demands.)

"Why don't I have a big belly like Daddy?" (Albeit, Daddy has lost almost all his belly. I've never seen anyone more committed to getting up before the sun to exercise. I need some of that motivation!)

"Where is God?"

"Why can't I be inside your eyes?"

This is so exciting. I love trying to answer his questions. Many of my responses to him are met with more questions. So far, I'm just beaming from getting the opportunity to be the one to answer his questions. Plus, Regus 2 is paying attention and asking some of his own questions about God... I love it!!!!

To "cash in" on this curiosity, we've been doing more work in the yard and my gradual attempt at a garden (I've turned the area in front of the house, intended for ornamental shrubs, into an herb garden.). He loves walking through the yard, checking on all my plants with me. He's so gentle with the leaves. It's a far cry from 2-3 years ago when my plants where the "enemy," and he was the valiant knight with a sword. He's really growing up.

The other day, I let the boys pick out 5 different leaves and "help" me take a picture of them. A few days later, we picked up a few field guides from the library. It was fun to thumb through them and try to find our trees. I had NO idea we had so many different types of oak trees in our yard!

I love to learn, and I pray that I can nurture their curiosity.

Has your child started with the "Questions"? What has been your favorite?

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  1. Not my favorite, but today Oscar asked me where Nemo's mommy was...I wasn't ready! I just told him that sometimes people don't have mommy's and he left it at that. Whew.