Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeping tabs on all the electronics

We enjoy electronic gadgets and our share of audio-visual equipment. However, we've never been the gotta-have-the-latest TV kind of people. We've been shopping and researching for about 6 months and recently bought a new TV and Blu-ray. I love that my hubby is a big researcher when it comes to big purchases!

At any rate, I was a bit overwhelmed with the sheer volume of manuals for all the equipment. Although, I know hubby already knows (wink wink) all the in's and out's of every device we purchase, I like to have them on hand to reference. Maybe it's because I'm a tech writer and love reading manuals. In either case, I wanted to keep up with them. After hunting through my office-supply bin. Yes, I keep a bin of office supplies — stuff that I find super cheap during back-to-school shopping specials. I found an accordion file. This is it! I can use a different section for each device.

Before I could explain to hubby what I was doing, I broke out my other favorite gadget, my label printer; and I started my next project. Thankfully, hubby lets me do all the organizing I want. He usually just smiles and lets me be happy with my nerdiness.

Now, this dedicated accordion file lives in the bottom cabinet of our entertainment cabinet.

During the first few weeks, hubby was surprised how many times we needed to use the manual — to change settings, figure out to set up on internet capabilities, etc. Rather than running back and forth to our file cabinet, I just had to open the accordion file to get the needed information. So cool!

Yes, the accordion file can be useful for corralling all sorts of paper clutter; but now (for me, at least) it's a great storage box for all those electronics manuals.

How do you like to keep up with all your electronics manuals and receipts?


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