Friday, May 13, 2011

Foodie Friday: Homemade Biscuits

As we've been trying to control what ingredients are in our food (and saving money), I found a great, easily-adaptable recipe from King Arthur Flours. Their Baking Powder Biscuits can be easily adjusted to make them as is (for a biscuit) or more sweet (almost like a scone). We love breakfast in our family, so a good biscuit recipe is a must.

I can make them quickly in the morning by cutting the butter in with my food processor. When I add the milk, I turn on the food processor for another 15-20 seconds until a ball forms. After that, just roll them out on a floured surface and cut into biscuits. Super easy!

It's also fun to use festive cookie cutters to make unique shapes for the holidays or just because. The boys love helping me roll out the dough and especially love getting mini-biscuits.

I've been playing around with substituting Stevia for the sugar... just trying to get away from white sugar. So far, it's turned out well; and no one seems to notice.

Now, you might not like the idea of baking another batch of biscuits a few times a week... neither do I. Enter my freezer trick. For my little family, we don't need to eat a whole batch, so I freeze a family portion size into separate foil packets. If you have a larger family, go ahead and make a double batch and freeze the extra. Make it once... eat it multiple times.

Then, when we want to have biscuits with our breakfast, I put the packet (minus the label) into a 350ºF oven before as I start breakfast. By the time everything else is ready, the biscuits are warmed through. So simple!

This is much cheaper than buying canned or frozen biscuits, and there are no hydrogenated oils!


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