Monday, May 9, 2011

Why was this Mother's Day so different?

I believe that Mother's should be celebrated and honored every day of the year, but I also understand the gesture of Mother's Day... and I'll take it. This year was my 6th Mother's Day. For some reason, it just seemed so different than all the others. Until this morning, I couldn't quite figure out why it was so different.

Me and my boys

 It's my perspective... learning to find the joy in the little things in life.

My hubby had to work part of the day in the office on Saturday, so he didn't get his full weekend to unwind. However, he was still up with the boys around 6:30am yesterday. That's was so sweet of him to do this, even though he wasn't fully rested.

Oddly, I didn't feel the need to jump out of bed and help him. I was going to let him take care of me today. See, that's what is different. I'm letting someone take care of me for a day. In the past, I've had to stop myself because I'm picking at how hubby is stacking the dishwasher or correcting the kids. This is self-destructive behavior. We are in this thing (LIFE) together, and we need to learn from each other. I don't know everything!!

At any rate, I took my time getting out of bed and got myself ready for the day. Not until I was ready, did my hubby send the boys upstairs to greet me. I forgot how nice it is to have some alone time in the morning.

Regus #1 bounded into the room and greeted me with his precise words, "Happy Mother's Day!!"

Then, Regus #2 bounced in with his "smiley" face (one of his many nicknames) and blurted out, "Happy Other's Day, Mommy!"

When I came downstairs, Hubby had breakfast waiting for me at the table — along with coffee, juice, and the newspaper.

Ahh... what a wonderful time!

Everyone else had already eaten, so I was able to enjoy the meal by myself. It wasn't quiet, but that wasn't important. I was surrounded by my family. The boys were playing reasonable well in the living room, and hubby was cleaning up the kitchen. Initially, I had to fight the urge to gulp down breakfast and help with the boys or with the dishes. Instead, I sat quietly and sipped my coffee. Again, I was letting them take care of me.

After church, we all took a nap; and I had some time for reflection. As I leafed through one of my old journals, I came across a copy of a poem I wrote for my mom... sometime in high school or maybe college. My mom is such an amazing, prayerful mom. As a child, I remember her waking me up after she had already been awake and praying for over an hour. The fact that she was awake before me made me feel safe and prepared for the day. I've gone through periods of time where I've woken up well before the boys to exercise and get ready for the day. However, I have neglected that over the past few months, and it makes a big difference! With this reflection, I'm not putting myself down. Instead, I'm giving myself permission to learn and move on. That feels good.

Here's my poem to my mom... and still the prayer of my heart:

A Mother's Touch

You can see it in her children's eyes.
It is her love.
It is the way she awakens them each morning
With a smile from her lovely face.
She glows like an angel
Because she has just seen God's face.
She holds her children in her arms
As God holds each one of us in His.
The warmth and comfort she gives
Is a mirror of Christ's undying love.
Oh, to have a Mother's touch.

I know that I won't always be perfect about getting up early in the morning, but I know that it's ok to take time for me in the morning. It may take a little more effort on my part. In the end, my children and I will reap the rewards of a prepared and focused mommy.

I pray that all the Moms know that they are loved and needed. For all the Moms of little ones, Mother's Day will soon feel like a special day. I know it's tough when little ones still need a lot of attention, and they are just showing how much they love and need you. I wish I could have seen that a couple years ago. Well, I guess I'm just a slow learner.


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  1. It sounds like you had an awesome day! Good for you allowing that rest to come. And I know what you mean about getting up early! When I can make myself do it , it's SO nice. I really want to make it a habit too.