Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Melon Baller Tool. Not just for Melons.

The poor melon baller only gets used in the warmer months for carving a suculant, ripe watermelon, cantaloupe (though really a musk melon), or a honeydew melon. Never fear, Almost On Purpose is here to give the tool a job in the cooler months... and make it earn its value in my kitchen.

For the second time this Fall, I've made this fantastic Roasted Butternut Squash soup by Keeper of the Home. This time, I made it with a different winter squash: the sweet dumpling squash. The consistency and flavor was very similar to butternut squash. However, it's lovely scalloped edges taunted me, as I was contemplated the process of scooping out its yummy-ness. I knew that a spoon would be too dull, so I tried the melon baller.

Yes, I could have just peeled and boiled the squash; but I love the depth of flavor that roasting adds to my soup.

The rounded scoop of the melon baller was the
perfect fit to carve out the roasted squash.

The roasted squash was no match for the melon baller, and so I was able to get every last bit without too much effort. Sweet! Please note that I let the squash cool for about 15 minutes before I tried scooping.

No wasted squash here!

The melon baller no longer has to sit in the back of my utensil drawer. I can use it year-round. As you know, I love gadgets that have more than one use — an Almost On Purpose tool!

Do you know of any other uses for the melon baller? I'd love to hear your ideas!


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