Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Easy, Inexpensive Gift Tag Ideas

My favorite part of Christmas has always been Giving. As a child, my parents always treasured my homemade gifts (or at least appreciated the thought). I still often struggle with picking out the right gift. It is so much more fun to make something rather than buy it. Once the gift is made, my next favorite part of that process is the gift wrapping. I've always wanted something beautiful but not expensive. 

With gift wrapping comes GIFT TAGS!

What's better than paper? Sticky Paper! My budget likes the adhesive gift tags, but I can't stop there. I do not like ending the life cycle of a gift bag with a sticker. Gift bags are meant to be re-usable, right?

The answer is YES, so go with me here.

The good news is that you can make lovely gift tags out of several things you may already have at home. They can be used on any size or shape gift. I've compiled me three favorite inexpensive gift tags.

Use scrapbook paper with large designs. Yes, I do have an obsession with craft paper. Some scrapbooking papers have large prints on them. Simply cut around the edges. Write the recipient's name on the back, and you have an instant gift tag!

Trace a design on paper. Again, this can be done with scrapbooking paper with very little design or just use some colorful paper. I do a google search for coloring pages of Christmas items: holly leaves, Christmas trees, wreaths, etc. After printing out, I place my paper under the printout and cut around the design. You can write the recipient's name on the front or back. Since I put outlining on this gift tag, I'd need to write the name on the back.

For this gift tag, I decided to copy the outlining onto the tag.

Turn adhesive gift tag into a hanging gift tag. Place the gift tag on the wrong side of a scrap piece of wrapping paper (pretty paper facing out). Then, cut around the tag. For this gift tag, the front has the recipient's info. The back is the decorative part. I love two-sided gift tags!

I think I bought these gift tags after last Christmas
for less than $0.50 for the entire pack.

Finishing the gift tag
After cutting out your desired gift tag, you will just need two things: (1) hole punch and (2) coordinating ribbon or string.

Slip the ribbon through the hole and affix to the gift. So much fun! Yes, I am easily entertained.
What kind of personalized details do you like to add to your gift wrapping?

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  1. such cute ideas! I may have to try this :)