Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am thankful for the silly things

The last two days of my "Week of Thanks" have been a bit more on the serious, mushy end (as my Dad would say) of the "thankful" spectrum. While I can't entire leave out the mushy-ness, I wanted to share something a bit more light-hearted.

I am thankful that my Mom started praying with me when I was young... about the man I would some day marry. As a six year old, it was pretty yucky. As a seventeen-year old, I was thankful. It helped me understand and think about the Godly qualities I needed in a spouse. Likewise, my Mom also taught me that I needed to trust God to make me the woman that this kind of man would be seeking.

Little did I know that he was praying for me, too. He and I had a list of qualities in a spouse. However, deep inside, we also had a fun list — a wish list. Who knew that God would love that list, too?

Here are a few of our favorites that God gave us:

Beef Stew. Oddly enough, we BOTH detest Beef Stew. Both our families think we're crazy. One of the first few questions hubby asked me when we were first dating was whether or not I liked Beef Stew. To his utter surprise and thankfulness, I loathe it! Don't get me wrong. I've tried it many times in hopes of liking it. I mean, I like all the ingredients. Put them all on a plate, and I'll have a blast. Please, just don't pull all of them in a gravy. And for goodness sake, don't put bread in the bottom of the bowl! Needless to say, I'm afraid this is one dish I won't be making for my boys, either. Sorry.

Texas. Hubby's mom was born in Texas and always wanted to marry a girl from Texas. Hey, that's me!

Dallas Cowboys. Yes, I'm from Texas... need I say more? In college, I only really cared if the guy liked football and didn't mind being schooled by a girl in the "football rules" department. However, it turns out that I couldn't date guys that were Redskins fans AND didn't know very much about the game. Yuck! Thankfully, the Lord knew I needed a Dallas Cowboys fan that was more knowledgeable in the game than I am.

I know these are some silly, trivial things. But I am thankful that God does listen to our every prayer. Even when we don't know what to ask, He can provide.


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  1. I love this. God really does give us the desires of our heart. Like, I could care less about most sports and Joe doesn't know much about sportsball or who's winning the match.