Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why Books Make Fabulous Gifts

While we have been reducing the amount of junk in our home and only keeping things on hand that have multiple uses, I still am a book junkie. 

As a child, I remember holding a book and just thinking: 

This book has the power to teach me something I didn't know before.

I was enthralled with learning and with school. As a result, it's been a struggle for me to let go of my classics, anthologies, and reference books. These are the minimum for my library.

Yes, I AM a nerd and proud of it. I wasn't always so happy to be smart. I was the punchline of many jokes, and my classmates dreaded me being at school on spelling bee days. Thankfully, I had supportive parents, and I they encouraged me through those tough days.

When the boys were really little, I started selling Usborne Books as an Educational Consultant. I remember one marketing e-mail was about why books make such great gifts. I don't sell the books anymore, but I do have a quite a few (and love them!). Here's some of what I remember, plus a few of my own.
  1. Books don’t need to be assembled.
  2. Books don’t need batteries. 
  3. Books don't come in the wrong color or size. 
  4. Books don’t need to be serviced by a dealer. 
  5. Books won't need replacement parts. 
  6. Books are easier to gift wrap than footballs. 
  7. Books don’t bite, scratch, or kick. 
  8. Books don’t need watering or fertilizing. 
  9. Books don’t irritate your allergies. 
  10. Books don’t go out of style. 
  11. Books look good with any decor. 
  12. Books don’t get aphids, fleas, or draw ants. 
  13. Books don’t bark, annoy the neighbors, or need to be walked or trained. 
  14. Books don’t shrink, stretch, or fade. 
  15. Books don’t need extension cords. 
  16. Books won’t scratch the coffee table. 
  17. Books don’t get stale. 
  18. Books are not a choking hazard. 
  19. Books never need ironing. 
  20. Books, no matter how much you use them, are never empty.
  21. Books offer a great reason for your kids (or grand kids) to snuggle in your lap.
For me, the gift of reading is something that can never get old. It helps build your child's vocabulary and helps them understand the world around them. I hope my boys have as many wonderful memories as I do, snuggling on the couch with Mommy and a book.

Do you have a favorite childhood book that you hope to share with your child or grandchild?


  1. I remember, back in the good ole' days, sitting up late at night reading "How Stuff Works" by Marshall Brain. This book is full of every day items deconstructed, diagramed, and cutout so your curious child doesn't have to.

  2. We have several books like that, and the boys LOVE them! They already deconstruct stuff, so I can't imagine how much worse it would be if we didn't have those books. Haha!